Masik Shivratri is a powerful and sacred fast observed by the majority of women in India. The vrat is dedicated to the Supreme Lord of the universe, Lord Shiva. Masik Shivratri is a special vrat that is observed every month on the Chaturdasi (14th day) of the Krishna Paksha (the waning or diminishing phase of moon). Masik Shivratri is observed every month whereas Mahashivratri falls just once a year. Devotees, who want to observe Masik Shivaratri Vrat, can start it from Maha Shivaratri day and continue it for a year.

Significance of Masik Shivratri

The significance of Masik Shivratri has great weightage and importance in Hindu mythology. 

  • According to the Puranas, the observer of the Mashik Shivaratri fast earns the divine power to deal with the two natural forces that create hindrances in a person’s success. The two forces are called “Tamas guna” and “Rajas guna”. 
  • Those who observe the vrat are known to overcome their ill emotions like anger, jealousy and fear. 
  • The ardent devotees of Lord Shiva believe that keeping the Mashik Shivratri Vrat is equal to or even more auspicious than conducting the vigorous Ashwamedha Yagna. 
  • A person who keeps the Mashik Shivaratri fast with full devotion and sincerity while following all the rules is said to get a chance to get rid of his/her past sins. 
  • Such devotees are believed to get unified with the divine Supreme power and live a peaceful life in Lord Shiva’s abode. That devotee also gets freedom from the monotonous repeated cycle of birth and death.

Masik Shivratri Puja Rituals 

Masik Shivratri vrat is known to get fulfilled only when performed by strictly adhering to the rules and rituals, giving attention to nitigrities. Let’s take a look at the details of Masik Shivratri Puja Rituals-

  • Firstly, the observer should get up early in the morning, before dawn on the puja day and meditate while taking Lord Shiva’s name. Then he should take a bath and wear fresh clothes.
  • The devotee should  wear a “Rudraksha Mala” and apply “Vibhuti” on his/her forehead throughout the day since it’s considered very auspicious. 
  • Then the observer of the vrat visits a nearby Shiva temple and performs the ritual of bathing the Shivling with Panchamrit. The devotees seek blessings and forgiveness for their sins while performing the Panchamrit bath ritual.
  • After that, incense sticks and oil lamps are lit in front of the Shivling and a lotus garland is offered to Lord Shiva. Then the devotees apply Haldi and kumkum on the Linga and ring the temple bells as a vital part of the puja ceremony. 
  • The devotees fast all throughout the day and sing bhajans and mantras of Lord Shiva to please him. It is also believed that one who stays up vigil all night and chants “Om Namah Shivaya” is blessed with all his/her wishes and desires.
  • In some places, during the Masik Shivratri fast, it’s mandatory to give a holy bath to the Shivling every three hours. The main puja is conducted in the evening and special bhog in the form of fruits is offered to Lord Shiva. The vrat is broken on the next day by consuming the prasad.

Masik Shivratri 2022 Dates and Muhurat-

  • January 1, 2022, Saturday

11:58 PM to 12:52 AM, Jan 02

  • January 30, 2022, Sunday

12:08 AM to 01:01 AM, Jan 31

  • March 1, 2022, Tuesday

12:08 AM to 12:58 AM, Mar 02

  • March 30, 2022, Wednesday

12:02 AM to 12:48 AM, Mar 31

  • April 29, 2022, Friday

11:57 PM to 12:40 AM, Apr 30

  • May 28, 2022, Saturday

11:58 PM to 12:39 AM, May 29

  • June 27, 2022, Monday

12:04 AM to 12:44 AM, Jun 28

  • July 26, 2022, Tuesday

12:07 AM to 12:49 AM, Jul 27

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