Avidhava Navami Customs and Rituals 2023

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Avidhava Navami is a sacred ritual in Hinduism observed on the 9th day (Navami) of Pitru Paksha (the fortnight dedicated to ancestors) period. This day is dedicated to married women who passed away before their husband’s death. That’s why this day is observed by widowers only. People worship demigods like ‘Dhurilochan’ on this day, instead of Hindu Gods. The word ‘dhuri’ means smoke and ‘lochan’ implies eyes in Hindi. Since the eyes of the demigods remain half-closed due to the smoke, hence the name ‘Dhurilochan’. The devotees worship to invoke these Gods and seek their blessings on the Avidhava Navami day. The rituals of Avidhava Navami vary among regions and communities. The day is mainly observed on the northern side and is otherwise known as ‘Adukha Navami’. 

Avidhava Navami Date And Muhurat

In 2023, Avidhava Navami falls on October 7, Saturday. 

Navami Shraddha timings: 1:16 pm to 3:39 pm.

Navami Tithi Starts: 08:08 a.m on October 07, 2023
Navami Tithi Ends: 10:12 a.m on October 08, 2023

Significance Of Avidhava Navami 

The term ‘Avidhava’ means ‘not a widow’ or ‘a Sumangali’. Therefore, the customs of Avidhava Navami are conducted for women who died as Sumangali. It is believed that performing the Avidhava Navami Puja gives peace to the souls of married women after their death and they in turn shower blessings on their children. As per Hindu mythology, Avidhava Navami should be observed till the husband of the deceased woman is alive. The puja should be stopped after the death of the husband. Therefore, the Avidhava Navami Shradh Karma is conducted only for women ancestors and if anyone misses out on performing the rituals due to any reason, it can be performed on ‘Mahalaya Amavasya’.

Avidhava Navami – Matra Navami – Navami Shraddha

Avidhava Navami is also known as Navami Shraddha or Matra Navami (मातृनवमी). It is also observed to honour departed family members who passed away on the ninth day of both the bright (Shukla) and dark (Krishna) lunar phases of the Hindu calendar.

This special Tithi is particularly significant for conducting Shraddha rituals dedicated to one’s mother. It is believed that performing Shraddha on Navami Tithi helps in appeasing the souls of all deceased female relatives within the family.

Navami Shraddha is also referred to as Naumi Shraddha.

Rituals Of Avidhava Navami 

  • Avidhava Navami rituals should be performed by the eldest son of the deceased woman on the Navami tithi of Pitru Paksha. 
  • The rituals and process are similar to that of Shradh where Tarpan and Pind Daan are performed to offer tranquillity and liberation to the soul of the dead woman.
  • Then Brahmana Muthaide Bhojana must be arranged after the smooth conduction of the puja where the Brahmins are offered food. Then the Brahmins are given Dakshina in the form of mirror, clothes, flowers and kumkum.
  • In some regions, instead of performing the regular Shradh rituals, meals are offered to the souls of deceased women. In some other places, people also perform Sankalpa Shraddha on the Avidhava Navami day.
  • Unlike other Pitru Paksha Shradh, the observer beckons the souls of his mother and grandmother on the Avidhava Navami day. Lastly, panda pradhana is performed which is otherwise known as ‘Anvasthaka Shraddha’

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