Dhanteras 2021: Today, Puja Muhurat, Timings and Significance!

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Dhanteras is a popular Hindu festival, widely known as the day on which purchase of gold and silver is considered very auspicious. The word Dhanteras is derived by an amalgamation of two words, ‘Dhan’ implying ‘wealth’ and ‘Teras’ meaning 13th. Therefore, Dhanteras is observed on the 13th day (trayodashi tithi) of the dark fortnight of the moon (Krishna Paksha) in the auspicious Kartik month. Dhanteras is observed two days before the celebrations of Diwali, the great Hindu festival of lights. This festival holds enormous importance for various business communities and is celebrated in all states of India with great stir and joy.

Significance Of Dhanteras-

Dhanteras is regarded as a highly auspicious day according to Hindu Puranas since Goddess of Wealth, Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber emerged from the churning of the milky ocean. Since then, the day is observed as Dhanteras and people offer prayers to Lord Kuber and Goddess Lakshmi to seek their blessings for living a happy and peaceful life. In some regions of India, Dhanteras is also celebrated as ‘Dhanwantari Jayanti’, which is the birth anniversary of ‘Dhanwantari’, the God of Ayurveda. It is believed that purchasing gold and silver on this day is auspicious since it symbolizes welcoming Maa Lakshmi to your home. The day is also considered good for buying assets like cars, houses or even starting a new business venture.

Dhanteras Date and Muhurat Timings 

  • Date: 02 November 2021, Tuesday
  • Trayodashi Tithi timing on Dhanteras: November 02, 11:31 am – November 03, 9:02 am
  • Pradosh Kaal Time: 05:49 PM – 08:22 PM
  • Pradosh Kaal Time : November 02, 5:44 pm – November 02, 8:18 pm

Dhanteras Puja Vidhi

  • People start the Dhanteras preparations by cleaning and decorating their homes with rangoli, lights, diyas and flowers a day in advance. Some people also imprint the auspicious red footprints of Goddess Lakshmi on the entrance of their houses.
  • On the puja day, the devotees get up early and take a bath before sunrise. A small morning puja is conducted which is followed by the preparation for evening Lakshmi Puja. Maa Lakshmi along with Lord Kuber are worshipped in the evening to get double benefits.
  • Puja Offerings: flowers, fruits, sweets, haldi, kumkum, chawal, ghee, milk, oil diyas, Chandan (sandalwood paste), coins, kalash (earthen pot), Bael leaves, gulag
  • Special sweets are prepared and offered to the Goddess on this day, for example- ‘Naivedyam’ with powdered dry coriander seeds and jaggery offered in Maharashtra. Some devotees even keep a Dhanteras fast and break it after performing the Lakshmi Puja.
  • The devotees also chant Lakshmi Purana and sing other Devotional songs and bhajans as a part of the Puja. At the end of the puja, Prasad is distributed among the devotees.
  • Some regions even have the tradition of lighting Yamadeep for Lord Yama, the Lord of Death, on Dhanteras. It is believed that lighting this diya will ward off all evils and also prevent untimely death of any family member.

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