Everything You Need To Know About Durva Ashtami

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As part of the Hindu calendar, Durva Ashtami is a special day dedicated to the worship of Durva Grass, which is utilised in nearly all Hindu ceremonies. According to the Hindu calendar, it is marked on the eighth day of the Shukla Paksha (the bright fortnight of the moon) in the lunar month of Bhadrapada. To be precise, this day occurs between August and September in the Gregorian calendar. Observing Durva Ashtami with complete dedication, according to Hindu beliefs, brings wealth and peace into one’s life.  West Bengal and other eastern parts of India commemorate this Hindu holiday with great joy and fervour. Durva ashtami Vrat is well known in Bengal. In 2021, Durva Ashtami falls on Monday, 13 September. 

Significance of Durva Ashtami:

According to Hinduism, the grass called Durva has great sacred importance for the Hindu religion. In addition to being a sign of riches, it’s also revered for its purity and devotion. According to mythology, the Durva Grass was created from the few hairs that fell off Lord Vishnu’s arm. Asuras and Devas were carrying ‘Amrit’ during the Samudra Manthan, and it is believed that a few drops of Amrit landed on Durva Grass, making it auspicious and eternal. If you dedicate yourself to worshipping Durva Grass on the day of Durva Ashtami, you’ll have all of your wishes come true. Durva Ashtami is also considered to cleanse a person of all sins, including those comparable to killing a Brahmin. Lord Krishna himself revealed the significance of Durva Grass to King Yudhisthira. Lord Krishna said that a man who does the Durva Ashtami puja diligently would be endowed with the ability to pass on his heritage from one generation to the next.

Durva Ashtami Puja Vidhi

Durva Grass
  • Durva Ashtami rites are mostly observed by women. As soon as they wake up in the morning, they take a bath and wear fresh clothes before beginning the puja rites.
  • Every year on this day, ladies do unique rituals and puja ceremonies in honour of the Durva grasses. Flowers, fruits, rice, incense sticks, curd, and other necessary puja materials are used to worship the auspicious Durva Grass.
  • On this day, women also fast. The Durva Ashtami Vrat observer also prays to Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha during this time. Durva Grass is presented to the Lords together with fruits and flowers.
  • Women do the puja with complete devotion for their children’s long life and well-being. In addition, it contributes to their marriage’s tranquilly and harmony.
  • In honour of Durva Ashtami, Hindu devotees are encouraged to provide food and clothing to revered Brahmins who have earned their respect in the society. Those who do so are believed to be blessed with unending prosperity and fortune.

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