Lalita Panchami- Date, Tithi, Importance and Rituals

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Lalita Panchami is a popular Hindu festival dedicated to Goddess Lalita. According to the traditional Hindu calendar, it is observed on the Panchami tithi (5th day) of the Shukla Paksha (the waxing phase of the moon) during the month of Ashwin. Goddess Lalita is known to be an incarnation of Goddess Durga or Shakti. According to Hindu mythology, she is one of the most important 10 Mahavidhyas. She is also referred to as ‘Shodashi’ and ‘Tripura Sundari’. Lalita Panchami is celebrated on the fifth day of the Navratri festival. Hindus observe a fast on this auspicious day in honour of their deity and this ritual is popularly known as ‘Upang Lalita Vrat’.

Lalita Panchami Date and Tithi

In 2021, Lalita Panchami falls on Sunday, 10th October.

Panchami tithi timing – Oct 10, 4:55 am to Oct 11, 2:14 am

Puja Offerings-

Saree, Haldi, kumkum, kalash, oil lamp, red dhaga, milk, curd, ghee, fruits, flowers,  kheer

Significance of Lalita Panchami

The religious significance of Lalita Panchami is mentioned in ‘Kalika Purana.’ According to the legend, Goddess Lalita appeared to defeat a demon, ‘Bhanda,’ who was created from Kamadeva’s ashes and was creating a lot of havoc. The day Goddess Lalita killed the demon ‘Bhanda’ is observed as Lalita Panchami. People have a widespread belief that if they get to see even the smallest glimpse of Maa Lalita on this day, it will give them relief from their troubles and sufferings. The devotees also observe a strict fast on this day to show their respect to the goddess. They also believe that after the goddess is pleased by their fasting and devotion, she blesses them with peace, happiness, wisdom and contentment. The celebration of Lalita Panchami is very famous in the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat. In these states, Goddess Lalita is worshipped in the same way as Goddess Chandi with puja rituals like ‘Lalita Sahasranaam’, ‘Lalitopakhyana’ and ‘Lalitha Trishati’.

Rituals Of Lalita Panchami 

  • Keeping a fast is the most significant ritual of Lalita Panchami. The ritual is otherwise known as ‘Upang Lalita Vrat’. It is believed that the devotees who keep this vrat are bestowed with immense strength and power.
  • Special puja is conducted to seek the blessings of the Goddess. Some places also conduct community Pujas where women come together to offer prayers. Lord Shiva and Skandamata are also worshipped along with Goddess Lalita on the Lalita Panchami day.
  • People flock to Maa Lalita’s Temples in huge numbers on the puja day. In some regions, grand melas and fairs are also held with great joy and gaiety.
  • It is considered very auspicious to recite the vedic mantras dedicated to Goddess Lalita on this day. People believe that doing so can resolve personal and career-related problems easily.

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