Namkaran Puja (Naming Ceremony of The New Born)

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Namkaran Puja refers to the name giving ceremony of a newborn and is usually conducted on the 12th day of the child’s birth. Naam literally means ’name’ and karan means ’to make, to effect’.

Significance of Namkaran Puja

The Namkaran ceremony is an important puja conducted for every hindu child. It refers to the practice of initiating a child into a religion and reminding his/her parents about their responsibilities and duties towards their baby. Namkaran ritual is extremely essential since it helps in shaping the upbringing and the character of a child.

There are certain guidelines to be followed while naming a newborn known as Samskara as per Vedas and Sutras. 

As per Grihya Sutra, 

  • a newborn baby should have a name that is pleasant and easy to pronounce. 
  • It should indicate the gender of the child and signify the social standing of the family. 
  • The name must contain a specific number of letters as per the gender of the child. 

Benefits of conducting Namkaran Puja-

  • The naming ceremony reflects an attempt to instill culture at an early stage and enhances the auspiciousness of the baby’s name. 
  • It brings fortune, good luck, success in the baby’s life and nullifies all the negative effects.
  • The puja also helps in knowing what the basic personality traits of a child will be when grows up.

Namkaran Puja Ritual:

Namkaran Puja Samagri

The baby and mother are given a ritual bath  on the day of the Namkaran ceremony. The child is dressed in new clothes. The mother applies kajal to her child’s eyes and makes a beauty mark on his/her cheek. The baby is then put in the father’s lap. Then a puja is performed by the priest followed by a havan. Prayers are offered to all gods, the five elements and the spirits of forefathers which invokes them to bless and protect the child.

After that, the priest places a sheet on which betel leaves, lentils, moong dal and turmeric, are placed on a piece of red cloth along with the child’s horoscope in front of the idol or image of the deity. Using a betel leaf or its silver imprint, or Kusa grass leaves, the father whispers the chosen name in the right ear of the baby. After the naming ritual is done, relatives and friends bless the child and touch some honey to its lips.

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