Pradosh Vrat 2022- Everything You Need To Know About It’s Puja Vidhi

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India is a land where many festivals are celebrated by observing a fast by the devotees. One such popular fast is Pradosh Vrat. The Vrat is dedicated to Lord Shiva. As per the Hindu calendar, Pradosh Vrat is observed on every 13th day of the lunar fortnight. The day is called Trayodashi. On this day, the devotees perform a Puja during the Pradosh Kaal i.e about an hour and a half before and after the Sunset. Since, according to the Hindu calendar, two fortnights make a Hindu month, the devotees observe the Pradosh Vrat twice. In 2022, the first Pradosh Vrat falls on January 15, Saturday.

Significance of Pradosh Vrat

The tradition of having a fast on this pious day dates back to an era when the Devas had taken help from Mahadev during the Pradosh Kaal to kill the Asuras who were creating a lot of destruction. Subsequently, Mahadev and his mount Nandi eliminated the demons to restore peace. The devotees fast and sit for a special Puja ritual of Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati on this auspicious day. It is believed that Lord Shiva showers his divine blessings on those who observe the Pradosh Vrat.

Benefits of Pradosh Vrat-

Lord Shiva fulfills the wishes of the people observing the Pradosh Vrat. One gets rid of all kinds of sorrows and sufferings with the grace of Lord Shiva. Observing a fast on this day provides health benefits and relief from various diseases. According to Hindu mythology, a devotee who hears or recites the story of Pradosh Vrat post Shiv puja on the day of the Vrat never suffers impoverishment for a hundred births. Devotees fasting on this day get the blessing of living a comfortable life and attain Moksha. 

Puja Offerings-

Kalash, Ganga Jal, Milk, Ghee, Panchamrut, Bilva Leaves, Flowers, fruits and sweets

Puja Vidhi

  • On the Pradosh Vrat day, all the puja and rituals are conducted during the twilight period (just before sunrise and sunset) since that period is considered highly auspicious. 
  • The devotees need to take a bath and get ready an hour before the sunset, for the puja. First, a puja is conducted collectively for Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvari, Lord Ganesha and Lord Kartik.
  • After that, Lord Shiva is worshipped alone and invoked in a holy pot or ‘Kalasha’. This Kalasha is filled with water and kept on darbha grass with lotus drawn on it.
  • Some people also perform puja of the Shivling. The Shivling is given a bath with milk or curd and ghee. During the puja, devotees offer Bilva Leaves to the Lord since these leaves are considered highly auspicious. 
  • After this ritual, the devotees listen to the Pradosh Vrat katha or read stories from the Shiva Purana. Then, the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is chanted for 108 times.
  • Once the puja is done, devotees partake the water from the Kalash and apply the sacred ash on their forehead. Then, many devotees visit the Shiv Mandir for Darshan. Many people believe that lighting even a single lamp on the Pradosh Vrat day is very enriching.

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