Vijaya Ekadashi 2023: Date, Significance, Vrat Vidhi and Benefits

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In Hinduism, Ekadashi is a very auspicious day that holds great importance. Every month, there are two Ekadashis. Ekadashi (11th) day of Krishna Paksha (Waning Moon Period) of Falgun month (as per the Hindu Calendar) is called Vijaya Ekadashi. This Ekadashi name itself states that it is the fast that gives victory. Not only in Padma Purana, but the importance of this fast has also been mentioned in Skanda Purana.

It is believed that Devotees who observe this fast gain victory over their enemies and overcome all struggles and challenges. It is also said that by observing this fast, Lord Rama gain victory over Demon King Ravana and brought back his beloved wife Mata Sita. On the day of Vijaya Ekadashi, Lord Vishnu is worshipped and fasting is observed. Also, according to Hindu texts, Lord Krishna told Arjuna about the importance of Vijaya Ekadashi.

So, let’s get to know more about Date, Vrat Katha, Puja Vidhi, and the Benefits of fasting on Vijaya Ekadashi 2023.

Vijaya Ekadashi 2023: Date, Muhurat and Timings

In the year 2023, Vijaya Ekadashi will be celebrated on Thursday, February 16.

  • Ekadashi Tithi Begins: 05:32 a.m.16 February 2023 
  • Ekadashi Tithi Ends: 02:49 a.m 17 February 2023 
  • Parana Tithi (breaking fast) of Ekadashi: February 17 between 08:01 a.m to 09:13 a.m 

Significance of Vijaya Ekadashi

According to Hindu texts, fasting on Vijaya Ekadashi is considered not only just an ancient ritual but also holds benefits for both mental and physical health. Also, the term Vijaya’s literal meaning is victory, which means observing fast on Vijaya Ekadashi brings success and victory in a difficult situation. It helps to eliminate all types of hurdles and obstacles. 

Furthermore, according to Padma Purana, Lord Mahadev preached the Narad and said that fasting on Vijaya Ekadashi is of great virtue and fruitful. It is believed that any devotee who carries out this fast helps to get their ancestors to escape the traps and pain of hell and move to heaven. Also, if Devotees perform charities and make donations and perform charities on this day, they get relieved from their past and present sins and also earn fruitful results.

Find out how to participate in Ekadashi Puja

Vijaya Ekadashi 2023 Puja Vidhi

On Vijaya Ekadashi, worshipping Lord Vishnu is highly auspicious. Performing puja is not only rewarding but also brings positive energy into the house and helps to eliminate negative energy. So, let’s find below the puja vidhi on Vijaya Ekadashi.

  • On the Ekadashi fast, wake up early in the morning, take a holy bath and wear clean clothes
  • Make an altar on Dashami and place seven pulses called sapta dhan (urad, moong, wheat, gram, barley, rice, and millet).
  • Use gold, silver, or clay to make a gold, silver, or clay urn, and place it on top of it.
  • On the day of Ekadashi, install Shri Vishnu’s idol in the Kalash by placing Panch Pallav (Peepal, Gular, Ashok, Mango, Vat).
  • Invoke Lord Vishnu with incense, lamps, sandalwood, flowers, fruits, and basil.
  • You should read and listen to the story of Lord Vishnu on the day when you fast.
  • Perform Jagran in front of the Kalash at night. 
  • Donate the Kalash to a Brahmin or Pandit on the day of Dwadashi.
  • Break the Ekadashi fast on the day of Dwadashi by eating satvik food

Vijaya Ekadashi Mantra

The mantra ‘ Om Purana – Purushottamaya Namah’ should be chanted 108 times if possible using a Tulsi Mala.

ॐ पुराण-पुरुषोत्तमाय नमः

 Om Purana – Purushottamaya Namah

Vijaya Ekadashi Vrat Katha

According to a belief, the Pandavas were curious about the importance of Falgun Ekadashi and how it started. They expressed their curiosity to Lord Krishna and requested him to enlighten them on this. Describing the importance and vrat katha of Falgun Ekadashi, Lord Krishna said that Narad Muni was the first person who had learned about the story and importance of Falgun Krishna Ekadashi fast from Lord Brahma. After him, they are the only ones to know about it.

It started in Treta Yuga when Lord Shri Ram was in exile. During this period, Ravana abducted Mother Sita and kept her in captivation in Lanka. Lord Rama was in search of Maa Sita when Lord Hanuman informed him about her presence in Lanka. In order to reach Lanka and bring back Mata Sita, Lord Rama had to cross the big ocean with the help of Vanar Sena. 

Because of this situation, everyone was confused and agitated with the situation, At that time, Lakshman remembered about Sage Bakadalabhya who was revered for his wisdom and suggested consulting the sage for a solution. Sage Bakadalabhya was a highly learned and knowledgeable sage who possess the benefit of Brahma’s darshan. Using his knowledge, he guided people and suggested solutions to their problems. In response to Lord Rama’s request for guidance, the saint suggested observing Vijaya Ekadashi fast. He informed them that the fast of Vijaya Ekadashi is the best and most thorough way to overcome hurdles and achieve success in their mission.

As suggested by the sage, Lord Rama observed fast of Vijaya Ekadashi fast which offered him a solution. He remembered that his army of vanaras has two brilliant Vanaras named Nila and Nala who were cursed by a sage that whatever they will throw in the water will not sink but float. So, as directed by Lord Rama, the army started collecting boulders and a lot of stones and with their help, they formed a massive bridge and thus all of them were able to cross the ocean.

After that, a war was fought between Lord Rama and Ravana, where Ravana was demolished by Rama. The observance of the fast of Vijaya Ekadashi resulted in the victory of Lord Rama. Since that time, Devotees started observing Vijaya Ekadashi Vrat and fast with utmost dedication and also listen to the Vrat Katha of Vijaya Ekadashi for its successful completion.

Benefits of Observing Vijaya Ekadashi

  • It helps to overcome all hurdles and obstacles and brings success.
  • It fulfils all desires and wishes
  • It helps to destroy all sins and bad deeds and helps to attain salvation.

Learn about the Religious Benefits of Fasting on Ekadashi

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