Know Everything about the Personality, Career, Weaknesses and characteristics of people of Aries Zodiac

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The most attractive qualities of People of Aries are their punctuality, honesty and faithfulness. These people have a very creative mind. They hardly say no to anyone, due to which they face negative consequences sometimes. They are very sorted when it comes to planning and executing things. Such people are born leaders who want to build a community and encourage the masses. They are soft hearted but are also very ambitious. 

Let’s see what other characteristics and qualities of Aries people through this DevDarshan blog-

The zodiac of the Fire element is Aries 

Fire element is very powerful in nature. Fire is a symbol of great energy and warmth. Due to the influence of this element, people of Aries Zodiac are very energetic and mark their presence everywhere they go. Their energy is very attractive and spreads among all the people they meet.

Personality of People of Aries Zodiac

People of Aries Zodiac aspire to be number one. They are very strong headed and straightforward. These people remain very focused in achieving their goals. They are very energetic but they channelise their energy in a very smart and fruitful way. They don’t get scared or run away from situations, they like to face the challenges. Such people are very generous and optimistic. They are very kind and always help other people.

Weakness of Aries

Aries people are very stubborn in nature. They always think that what they say is right. They are not open to advice from others. These people prefer to follow their own path which lands them in trouble sometimes. They are not open to constructive criticism. They don’t even like to hear about their shortcomings. If someone tries to explain them, they get annoyed.

Lord of Aries Zodiac

The lord of Aries Zodiac is Mars. The red planet Mars is considered the god of war. Aries is always active due to the influence of this planet. Due to the influence of Mars, these people are not able to sit empty. You have to keep doing something. They don’t wait for the right time, but rather get involved in creating the right environment for themselves. They get a lot of energy from Mars. People of Aries (mesh rashi) often use this energy in a positive way.

Career of Aries Zodiac

People of Aries Zodiac are very energetic in nature. They can do well in the field of sports. They are very independent and are capable of leading a team. These people can also excel in the field of research, medicine and related fields, surgery, mechanics, law, athletics, fire fighting, adventure travel, engineering, psychology etc.

Aries Compatibility

  • Friend Zodiac – Aquarius, Leo, Sagittarius
  • Enemy Zodiac – Cancer, Capricorn
  • Lucky day for Aries – Tuesday
  • Lucky colors for Aries – Red and White
  • The Lucky Gemstone for Aries – Coral

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