People of Leo Zodiac: Passionate, independent and natural leaders in real life

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The symbol of Leo is a lion, which shows that Leo people are courageous, intelligent and passionate. They are natural leaders and contribute a lot to social causes. Leo people are also very ambitious and strive to reach to the very top in their chosen field. Along with fulfilling their social responsibilities, they want to lead a peaceful and comfortable life. Leo zodiac people are very optimistic and positive in nature. They love their family and are very balanced as people. They grab people’s attention very easily. These people do not compromise on their independence, even in relationships. However, they are very caring and affectionate towards their partners. They are practical and logical in nature.

The zodiac of the Fire Element is Leo

The zodiac sign of the Fire element is Leo. Leo people are known for their energy and enthusiasm. The energy of people of the Leo zodiac does not deplete with time. They have strong leadership qualities. They are as intense as fire and settle for anything less than perfection. However, sometimes these people can be unpredictable. 

Good traits of People of Leo Zodiac 

These people are very ambitious and do not like failures. They are fiercely confident in whatever they do. They always try to stay happy and joyful. Such people are also very creative in nature. They are also very kind and caring towards others. They have a huge circle of friends. Leo people love to socialise. They have a big heart and always remain keen to help other people. These people live their life based on their own rules. They never get afraid while facing difficulties. They are very courageous and straightforward too.

Weaknesses of people of Leo Zodiac

Leo people love to hear compliments. Therefore, sometimes it’s easy to fool these people just by complimenting and flattering them. They also get caught up in harmful situations due to this trait. They don’t take criticism constructively atall. Some other negative qualities possessed by such people are being immature, dramatic, jealous and stubborn. 

The Lord of Leo is the Sun 

Leo is ruled by the Sun, the head of the solar system. The Sun is at the center of the universe and all other celestial bodies revolve around it. Similarly, people of the Leo zodiac remain at the center of attraction always. They have the ability to lead and counsel other people. They are very energetic but they need to channelize their energy in the correct path.

Career Of Leo People

Sun is the Lord of Leo zodiac. Therefore, the people of Leo are very fast and energetic. They can excel in business or entrepreneurship. They can also perform well in administrative or managerial positions. These people also have a good pathway to succeed in the field of politics, medicine and IT. Some individuals can also make a successful career in the field of law.

Leo Zodiac Compatibility

  • Friend Zodiac – Aries, Cancer, Gemini, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces
  • Enemy Zodiac – Taurus, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius
  • Lucky day for Leo – Sunday
  • Lucky color for Leo – golden, red and all the colors of the sun
  • The Lucky gemstone for Leo – Peridot

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