rama ekadashi

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The Ekadashi Tithi has a lot of importance in Hinduism. Ekadashi celebrated in the Krishna Paksha in the holy month of Kartik is called Rama Ekadashi. Rama is one of the names given to Mahalakshmi, hence the Rama form of Mahalakshmi is worshiped along with Lord Vishnu on this special day. This is the last Ekadashi before the end of Chaturmas, so this day is considered very auspicious.

When is Rama Ekadashi 2022?

In the year 2022, Rama Ekadashi will be celebrated on 21 October 2022, four days before Diwali.

  • Ekadashi Tithi starts – October 20 at 4.04 pm
  • Ekadashi Tithi ends – October 21 at 5.22 pm
  • Parana timing for Rama Ekadashi – from 6.26 am to 8.46 am 

Significance of the festival

Ekadashi or the 11th day is considered to be the most favorite day of Lord Vishnu. Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped along with Lord Vishnu on the occasion of Rama Ekadashi. The festive mood starts from Rama Ekadashi and the enthusiasm continues till Diwali. Worshipping Goddess Lakshmi on Rama Ekadashi brings happiness, peace and prosperity in the life of the devotees. The importance of Rambha Ekadashi was told by Lord Krishna to Yudhishthira. It is also known by other names like Kartik Krishna Ekadashi or Rambha Ekadashi. It comes just four days before Diwali, the festival of lights. It is said that a devotee who observes this Ekadashi fast gets rid of all the past sins. Many people also worship the Amla tree on Rama Ekadashi. Amalaki Ekadashi is another such festival in which the Amla tree is worshipped.

How to fast on Rama Ekadashi

  • Start observing Rama Ekadashi fast a day before the Ekadashi i.e. from the tenth day.
  • Do not eat anything after the sunset on the day of Dashami.
  • Waking up early in the morning on the day of Rama Ekadashi, take a bath, wear fresh clothes and vow to observe the fast with full dedication infront of Lord Vishnu and Mata Lakshmi. 
  • The puja materials required are oil lamp, incense sticks, naivedya, fruits, sweets, flower garlands, sandalwood, chunni and vermilion for Mata Lakshmi.
  • Recite the mantras of Mata Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu for 108 times.
  • Perform Aarti of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi during the sunset too.
  • Some Devotees also stay awake the whole night and indulge in bhajan and kirtan by remembering the Lord.
  • Do some donation or charity work before the Parana on Dwadashi day.

How to break Rama Ekadashi fast

Parana means breaking the fast. It is important to do the Ekadashi Parana i.e. break the Ekadashi fast before the end of the Dwadashi Tithi. According to the scriptures, not breaking the fast before the Dwadashi is considered very inauspicious. The devotees should break the fast by consuming fruits and water. The devotees should also do some charity work before breaking the fast. Before breaking the fast, it is also important to bow down before Lord Vishnu and Mata Lakshmi and seek forgiveness for the unintentional sins committed during the fast.

Rama Ekadashi Fasting Story 

Once upon a time, there lived a king named Muchukunda. His daughter’s name was Chandrabhaga. The king got his daughter married to a prince named Shobhan. King Muchukunda was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu and observed the Ram Ekadashi fast every year.  A few days after the marriage of Shobhan and Chandrabhaga, the festival of Ram Ekadashi arrived. However, Sobhan couldn’t bear the hunger during the fast and died late in the night due to starvation. But due to the effect of the fast, Lord Vishnu blessed him with a kingdom like heaven. Once King Muchukunda was passing through a forest where he saw Shobhan and his invisible kingdom. Shobhan narrated the whole thing to Muchukunda. Then at the behest of Muchukunda, Shobhan’s wife kept a strict fast on Rama Ekadashi and as a result the invisible kingdom of Shobhan was converted into reality. Shobhan got his life back and he lived happily with his wife.

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