People Born in Dhanishta Nakshatra: Their Positive and Negative Traits

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Dhanishta Nakshatra comes in 23rd place among the 27 constellations present in the universe. The Lord of this Nakshatra is Mars and the people born in the first two phases of this nakshatra have Capricorn as their zodiac sign and those born in the last two phases have Aquarius, whose ruling planet is Saturn. In this way, the influence of Mars and Saturn remains on these people throughout their life. The symbolic tree of this constellation is ‘Shami tree’.

Let’s know in detail about the people born in Dhanishta Nakshatra.

Personality and Nature of People Born in Dhanishta Nakshatra

People born in Dhanishta Nakshatra are very cheerful and friendly. They do not like to be alone. They are versatile and skilled in many things. These people are very flexible and can mould themselves according to the situation. They are attractive in appearance and have leadership qualities. They have the power to gather the crowd’s attention. These people are also very religious in nature and take a lot of interest in organizing Pujas at various places. Due to Mars being the Lord of this Nakshatra, these people are also very forthright and do not tolerate any wrong thing. Sometimes their anger overpowers them, due to which they also have to bear losses.

Education and Career 

People born in Dhanishta Nakshatra are very ambitious in nature. They have a very sharp mind and do well in their studies without much hard work. They’re born intelligent. These people are more interested in Arts and Commerce rather than Science and prefer to pursue their career or higher studies in the same field. They can become good artists, lyricists, professors, bankers, lawyers, etc. Due to the influence of Mars and Saturn, business related to real estate is also very beneficial for these people. They can also make their career in spiritual fields. They can become good spiritual teachers, astrologers and storytellers.

For higher studies and education in foreign lands, Perform Mangal Grah Shanti Puja

Family and Married life 

People born in Dhanishta Nakshatra have a happy family life. They have a special attachment to their siblings. They respect their parents and take good care of them. These people might have to leave their families for business or education, but they fulfil their responsibilities well. Their married life is also happy and blissful but if there’s any bad influence of Mars and Saturn in their horoscope then these people might suffer a lot in their family and marital relationships. However, if the position of Mars and Saturn are good in the horoscope then the spouse of these people can bring in a lot of financial progress and prosperity.

Negative Side of People Born in Dhanishta Nakshatra

If Mars is in a malefic position in the horoscope of people born in Dhanishta Nakshatra, then these people can be quite obstinate, angry, stubborn and bitter in nature. Their family and married life can be very troublesome. If the position of Saturn in the horoscope is bad, then they can lose a lot of money suddenly without any good reason. Many times they become very selfish due to which they don’t have very good relationships in society.

To reduce the malefic effects of Saturn in the horoscope, you can perform Shani Grah Shanti Puja

Precautions and Measures to be Taken by People Born in Dhanishta Nakshatra

People born in Dhanishta Nakshatra must get rid of the defects of Mars and Saturn in their horoscope. They should be patient and get control of their anger. Worshipping Lord Hanuman is very fruitful for them. They must worship Lord Hanuman and Shani Dev every Tuesday and Saturday. People born in Dhanishta Nakshatra should plant and give water to the Shami tree since it is the tree symbolizing Dhanishta Nakshatra. 

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