Shani Graha Shanti Puja: Benefits, Puja Rituals, Shani Mantras and Important Shani Temples

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Shani Graha Shanti Puja refers to a set of rituals performed to remove all the ‘graha doshas’ or negative effects of the malefic planet Shani and pacify it so that one’s life can be free of hardships and hurdles. All of our lives are greatly impacted by the placement of Grahas or planets in the natal chart. The good or bad times in a person’s life are greatly attributed to the placement of the powerful planet Shani. Good alignment of the planet Saturn is responsible for fortunate events in one’s life and misalignment of Saturn can be the reason for unfortunate events in one’s life. Shani Graha Shanti Puja is considered to be one of the most effective ways to get a remedy for any problem related to the planet Saturn.

About Lord Shani Dev

Lord Shani also popularly known as Shani Maharaj or the Lord of Justice is a highly regarded deity in Hindu mythology. He occupies seventh place among the nine planets (Navagraha) which govern the world. Shani dev (or planet Saturn) is said to be the son of Surya Dev (the Sun).  The name Shani originates from the word “Sanaischara” meaning slow mover while the word “Chara” indicates movement. Shani is referred to as a Paap Graha i.e. a malefic planet that creates havoc on one’s fortunes. 

It is said Shani’s wrath is the result of our Karma – past or present. As per the Hindu calendar, Shanivar (Saturday) is the day that is dedicated to Shani Bhagwan. We often hear people saying that your Shani is ‘Bhaari’. This actually means that the person is going through a tough phase in life but he/she must not be disheartened. According to Astro experts, the Shani Dasha or the Shani effect on the house or individual can be toned down by performing a Shani Graha Shanti Puja and chanting the Shani Chalisa Mantra.

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Benefits of Conducting Shani Graha Shanti Puja

  • The puja helps in minimizing the adverse effects of our bad Karma and past deeds.
  • Shani Graha Shanti Puja protects the house from negative energy, and evil eyes and increases the flow of positive energy in the home.
  • It bestows the family with prosperity, harmony and good fortune.
  • Purifies the surrounding and environment of the home with holy vibes and a divine ambience.
  • Shani Graha Shanti Puja helps in boosting one’s morale and uplifting one’s mood, thus making one feel energetic and confident.
  • The Puja is believed to bring health and prosperity to one’s life by resolving all financial and health problems.
  • It reduces the ill effects of Shani Dosha, Shani Sadesati, Shani Dhaiya and Shani Mahadasha in one’s horoscope.
  • The puja can act as a powerful remedy for those suffering from black magic or evil eyes.
  • It also ensures that the Vastu Purush and the nine planets are revered to prevent untimely and unfortunate events from happening to both the home and its dwellers.
  • It is also very beneficial for people suffering from anxiety, depression and low confidence.
  • People suffering from frequent misfortunes should definitely perform the Shani Graha Shanti Puja.

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Puja Materials Required for Shani Graha Shanti Puja 

Some of the important puja materials required for conducting the Shani Graha Shanti Puja are as follows: Haldi, Sandalwood (Chandan), Lamps, Incense Stick (Agarbatti), Coconuts, Camphor, Variety of Flowers, Rice, Betel Leaves, Sweets, Variety of Fruits, Milk, Honey, Yoghurt, Sugar, Ghee, Betel Nuts, Kumkum and Sesame Oil.

Some of the other essentials include Gangajal, Shankha, Durva Grass, Red Thread, Plates, Bowls, Navgraha Yantra and colours and flowers to decorate the Rangoli and the house.

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Shani Graha Shanti Puja Rituals

  • Get up early in the morning and take a bath. Wear clean clothes and sprinkle Gangajal in all corners of your house to purify the atmosphere. 
  • Clean the Puja space and install the idols or pictures of Lord Shani Dev, Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman. Lord Shani Dev is a great devotee of Lord Shiva, therefore worshipping him along with Lord Shani is considered very fruitful.
  • Start the puja by lighting an oil lamp and incense sticks. Then offer oil and black sesame seeds to Lord Shani.
  • Then offer flowers and Bhog in the form of sweets and fruits to all the three deities: Lord Shani, Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman. 
  • Do a camphor Aarti of all the three deities.
  • Conclude the Shani Graha Shanti Puja by chanting the Shani Gayatri Mantra and some other Mantras related to Lord Shani 21 times. Distribute Prasad to your family members.
  • Consuming non-vegetarian food, onion, garlic and alcohol on this day is strictly prohibited.
  • Visiting a Shani Temple on this day is considered very auspicious.
  • You can conduct the puja yourself or you can also get it done by a learned priest. Download the DevDarshan App and get puja done by an expert pandit.

On that note, here’s a list of the 5 most famous Shani Temples in India that you can visit-

  1. Shani Shingnapur, Maharashtra
  2. Shani Dham Temple, Delhi
  3. Sri Shani Temple, Titwala
  4. Shani Devaalayam, Deonar, Mum
  5. Shri Shanichara Temple, Morena, Madhya Pradesh

Shani Mantras

Shani Mantras are believed to be very powerful and if they’re recited properly, they can improve one’s life in many ways. Reciting the Shani Stuti during Shani Graha Shanti Puja can provide profound relaxation by soothing one’s psyche. The minimum number of times one should chant the mantra is 9 and the maximum is 108 times. Chanting the mantra regularly brings inner peace and helps in making life complications easier.

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Here’s a list of Some Popular Shani Mantras:

Shani Maha Mantra 

|| Nilanjana samabhasam raviputram yamagrajam.

Chaya martanda sambhutam tam namami shaishcharam ||

ॐ निलान्जन समाभासं रविपुत्रं यमाग्रजम।

छायामार्तंड संभूतं तं नमामि शनैश्चरम॥

Shani Mantra for Success

||  Om Shri Shani Devaayah Namo Namh ||

|| Om Shri Shani Devaayah Shanti Bhavah ||

|| Om Shri Shani Devaayah Shubham Falh ||

|| Om Shri Shani Devaayah Falh Prapti Falh || 

ॐ श्री शनी देवायः नमो नमः

ॐ श्री शनि देवायः शान्ति भवः

ॐ श्री शनि देवायः शुभं फलः

ॐ श्री शनि देवायः फलः प्राप्ति फलः”

Shani Moola Mantra 

|| Om Sham Shanaiscaryaye Namah ||

“ॐ शम शनैस्चर्याये नमः”

Shani Gayatri Mantra 

|| Om kaakadhwajaaya vidmahae

khadga hastaaya dheemahi

tanno mandah prachodayaat ||

ॐ काकध्वजय विद्महे”

खड्ग हस्तय धिमही

तन्नो मंडः प्रचोदयात

Shani Beej Mantra

|| Om praam preem praum sah shanayishraya namah. ||

ॐ प्रां प्रेम प्रयां सह शंभुरया नमः।

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