Are You Born on Sunday? Know Personality, Love Life & Career of People Born on Sunday

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The first day of the week is Sunday and being born on this day is considered very special. People born on Sundays always want to remain ahead of others in life. Let’s know the personality of people born on Sunday, their career,  love life and married life.

How is the Personality of People Born on Sunday 

Sunday means the day of Surya Dev (Sun God). In astrology, Surya Dev is called the king of all planets. People born on Sundays are affected by the Sun. They always want to be ahead of others in everything. They enjoy exploring and working on new projects. Such people are born with leadership qualities and have the ability to control and handle the masses. They are very competitive in their work environment and believe in making their work perfect and finishing it before time too. 

Due to the influence of the Sun, they have great confidence in themselves. People born on Sunday have very great respect in society. However, one of the biggest weaknesses they possess is that they want to dominate others and are very authoritative. Sometimes they become very arrogant and do not understand the problems faced by others. People born on Sundays always like to keep themselves at the centre of all attention. They are short-tempered and hence sometimes when they get so angry, it becomes difficult to handle them.

How is the Career of People Born on Sunday 

The personality of the individuals born on Sunday can be easily determined by their career choices. People born on Sunday always like to take leadership. They are very competitive and always have a winning spirit in them. They do things on their own terms and do not compromise on anything. Such people like to achieve big and challenging targets. Such people should make their careers in administrative services, entrepreneurship, the pharmaceutical industry or the government sectors. 

How Would the Love Life of People Born on Sunday 

People born on Sundays have a lot of respect in society, but such people are generally very egoistic. So, they never feel satisfied in their love life. They often hurt or break the heart of their partners with their painful words. However, people born on Sundays are extremely honest in nature. They generally do not take the first move toward their love life, they hardly propose to their lady love, but they often want to have complete authority over their partner when in the relationship. Sometimes, they become over-possessive about their partners. They make decisions very quickly so that their partner doesn’t get a chance to understand the situation. These individuals need to learn to adjust and compromise if they want their relationship to work. They should try to be a good listener and listen to their partner. 

How is the Married Life of People Born on Sunday 

Individuals born on Sundays are very independent, therefore sometimes the marriage feels like baggage to such people. These people are prone to get hurt by others easily so their married life is often full of obstacles. It’s generally not very harmonious and peaceful. These people often want to run the marriage according to their own terms and conditions. However, it gets very difficult for people born on Sundays to break their marriage since they consider it a pious institution which is God-made. 

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What is Lucky for People Born on Sunday 

Lucky number

The number one (1) is very lucky for people born on Sunday. According to numerology, the number 1 gets the energy of the Sun. 

Lucky colour

People who are born on Sundays like colours that are bright like the Sun. Saffron colour is good for such people. 

Mantra for people born on Sundays – Gayatri Mantra 

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Remedies for People born on Sunday

  • Offer Arghya to Surya Dev by mixing kumkum in water daily 
  • Recite Surya Ashtakam or Aditya Hriday Stotra 
  • Do Gayatri Mantra Japa daily 
  • Distribute wheat and jaggery among the poor and needy 
  • People born on Sunday should see the rising sun every Sunday

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