When is Balarama Jayanti 2022? What is Worship Method, Significance, Date, Muhurat, Mantras and How To Celebrate the Festival

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Lord Krishna and all his family members are greatly revered throughout the country. The birth anniversary of Shri Krishna’s elder brother, Haldar Shri Balram is celebrated with great pomp in many areas of the country including Brij. Know when is Balarama Jayanti 2022 and what is its importance through this DevDarshan blog-

When is Balarama Jayanti 2022?

Balarama Jayanti 2022 falls on 16 August, Tuesday.

However, the ISKCON temple and its associated devotees will celebrate Balaram Jayanti on 12 August, i.e. on the day of Raksha Bandhan. This day is also known as Hala Shashthi or Lalahi Chhath in the northern states of India. In Gujarat, Balram Jayanti is celebrated as Baldev Chhath and Randhan Chhath.

Who is Lord Balarama?

Before celebrating Balarama Jayanti, it is important to know who Lord Balarama is. Lord Balarama is believed to be an incarnation of Sheshnag. He had incarnated as the elder brother of Krishna. Balarama is the son of Rohini and Vasudeva. Although it is said that Balarama was earlier in Devaki’s womb, when Kansa had killed Devaki’s six sons, Balarama was transferred from Devaki’s womb to Rohini’s womb after worshipping dedicatedly to Yogmaya. Later this child was known as Balaram. Special worship is done in Krishna temples on the occasion of Balarama Jayanti. Devotees often worship Lord Balarama for physical and mental strength.

How to celebrate Balarama Jayanti 2022?

There are many ways to pray to God. If we cannot pray daily, then for this Jayanti or any festival has been prescribed by our ancestors. Know how Balarama Jayanti is celebrated

  • Wake up early in the morning and worship the Lord in the Brahma Muhurta.
  • Decorate the idols of Lord Krishna and Lord Balarama and establish them in the puja place.
  • Anointing Lord Balarama with Panchamrit is also very fruitful.
  • Then offer Bhog to both Lord Krishna and Lord Balarama and chant mantras for the worship.
  • Distribute the Prasad among the devotees.
  • If possible, donate a plough to a poor farmer on this day since it’s considered very auspicious. 

Special worship of Balaram Jayanti

Balarama Jayanti falls in the monsoon season. Lord Balarama had great attachment to nature, hence he is also called Haldhar. A Plough is used for ploughing the fields. If you have a farm, then the plough and the farming land must be worshiped on the day of Balarama Jayanti. One should pray to Lord Balarama to protect the crops and help in a good harvest. If you do not have any field, you can also please Lord Balarama by planting a plant in your house. Planting a neem or any fruit tree or offering any of these plants to Lord Balarama can also please him.

 Apart from this, devotees perform various rituals and prepare special Bhog on this day to please Lord Balarama.

Mantras of Lord Balarama 

– Om Haldharay Sankarshanaya Namah:

On the day of Balarama Jayanti, this mantra of Balramji should be recited 108 times. At the same time, after this mantra, mantras related to Lord Vishnu or Krishna should also be read.

Significance of Balarama Jayanti 2022

Balarama is considered to be an incarnation of Sheshnag. It is said that the earth rests on the hood of the Sheshnag. Sheshnag is known to maintain balance in the whole universe. Lord Vishnu is also seen resting on the bed of Sheshnag. Sheshnag is believed to have taken birth as Lakshman in the Rama avatar and as Balarama in the Krishna avatar. Balarama Jayanti is also a day to express gratitude towards Sheshnag. At the same time, it is important to celebrate this festival in close association to nature, because Lord Balarama was a great worshipper of nature.

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