Are You Born on Thursday? Know Special Qualities of Your personality, Love Life and Career

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The date, day and time of our birth are said to affect our personality, health and career. People born on different days of the week have different special habits. Let’s know about the special traits of people born on Thursday. According to astrology, Thursday is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is considered to be a very auspicious planet in astrology. It brings progress, good marriage, child happiness, scholarship and prosperity in life. Hence, people born on Thursday can be considered extremely lucky.

Personality of People Born on Thursday 

People born on Thursday get special blessings from the planet Jupiter. These individuals have big aims and goals in life. They want to achieve something or the other in every field of life. They are intelligent and don’t give up on things easily. Whenever they face any disappointment, they take themselves out of it by learning and exploring new things. They have a positive mindset. These people are also very spiritual in nature. They keep themselves energetic with meditation, yoga and music.

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People born on Thursdays are meant to be leaders in their lives. They always keep an optimistic attitude while working. They are team players and lead the team in a very effective way. They always motivate and encourage their team members. They talk to everyone with great respect. Therefore, people born on Thursday often make good careers as managers, teachers, politicians, consultants, marketing agents, etc. They are very creative and always find out new ways to approach a particular situation. They fulfil the responsibilities given to them in the most effective way.

Love Life

People born on Thursday have a great love life. However, they are not very emotional in matters of love. They are practical and have clarity in their mind and action. They also ask their partners to be logical and less emotional in life, which the partners often don’t like. These people are very loyal to their partners and never leave their partners’ hands even in the harshest situations. They are good advisors even as friends. 

Married Life of People Born on Thursday

People born on Thursdays are much inspired by the element of fire. Therefore, they get angry very quickly and get caught up in unnecessary controversies. They don’t like demanding partners. If their partner makes repeated demands about a particular thing, they get very angry. The foundation of their happy married life rests on their financial stability for which they work very hard. These people are also romantic and give special gifts to their spouses at regular intervals which keeps up the charm of their relationship.


The health of people born on Thursday is good, but they can easily become victims of obesity. If the position of Jupiter is not good in their horoscope, then they often face problems related to their digestive system. They should keep a check on their eating and drinking habits since they are prone to developing stomach-related issues such as acidity. These people can also become victims of obesity.

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Weaknesses People Born on Thursday

People born on Thursdays can be cocky at times. However, they’re not as arrogant as the people born on Sundays are. Many times they hide their emotions from others. So they keep dealing with their issues all alone, without taking anyone’s help. They are very outspoken which can offend other people quite easily. They rarely express their gratitude towards someone.

Some Remedies for People Born on Thursday

  • Keep a check on eating junk food since you’re prone to obesity.
  • Go to Lord Shiva or Vishnu temple on Thursday and offer bananas.
  • Strive for continuous spiritual advancement.
  • Yellow colour and the number 3 are best for people born on Thursday. Use these for a specific purpose.

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