What are the Qualities, Characteristics, Weaknesses and Career Opportunities of People with Cancer Zodiac?

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Cancer zodiac comes at number four in the zodiac chakra. The Vedic symbol of this zodiac is the crab. People of this zodiac are very sweet in nature. They are very attached to their family and can do anything and everything for their family’s happiness. They are also sensitive and mysterious at times. These people also become sad very quickly. They like solitude or being alone since it gives them peace. They always need their personal space or “me time”. Such people are borderline moody. They face difficulties in moving on from their past.

The Zodiac Sign of the Water Element is Cancer

Cancer is believed to be the zodiac sign of the Water element. These people are caring, affectionate and sensitive. They love to spend time with their friends and family. They are as calm as the water and like to be at peace. However, just like the flow of water intensifies sometimes, people of the Cancer zodiac similarly attain a fierce form in certain situations. They feel impatient and restless in small adverse conditions. In astrology, water is said to represent emotions. Calm emotions are always compared to a lake such as a phrase ‘as calm as the lake. Free-flowing river water is compared to changing moods of a person and the mystery of the ocean is compared to the secretive nature of people of the Cancer zodiac.

Personality Traits of Cancer Zodiac Individuals

People of the Cancer zodiac are responsible. The symbol of Cancer is a crab. They are highly productive in their work life when they’re at peace in their personal life. If they’re having any personal issues, they get very stressed and it becomes very difficult for them to perform and achieve targets. These people have good humour and have the ability to make people around them laugh and have fun. Cancerians are very good friends and can go to any extent to help their friends. Such people are generally very close to their mother. Therefore, Cancer girls are believed to be very good mothers too. These people are also ambitious and have an inborn leadership quality in them

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Weaknesses of Cancer people

Cancerians are very sensitive. They easily get affected or hurt by harsh words from other people. They also get disappointed and depressed at times due to this reason. They’re unpredictable sometimes and can lose their temper even in simple matters. Their past life always influences their present and future. Sometimes it also acts as an obstacle and prevents them from fulfilling their dreams. When too many situations appear simultaneously in their life, they become very confused. They’re a bit weak in decision-making in some circumstances. 

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Moon is the Lord of Cancer Zodiac 

The lord of the Cancer zodiac is Moon. It is believed that Cancer people have deep emotions but are not very expressive. This is because of the influence of the moon. Such people have good hold on their words and know how to talk to people. 

Career of Cancer Zodiac Individuals

People of the Cancer zodiac are highly imaginative and also have unfathomable knowledge. They have the power and stability to learn and retain knowledge about various subjects. They are great artists, writers and musicians. Cancerians can also excel and become successful in the field of psychology, teaching, human resources, nursing etc. These people are very practical and work hard toward achieving economic stability. 

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Cancer Zodiac Compatibility 

  • Friends: Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus, Virgo 
  • Enemies: Aries, Libra, Aquarius, Sagittarius 
  • Lucky Day for Cancer Zodiac: Monday 
  • Lucky Colour: Milky white 
  • Lucky Gemstone: Pearl 

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