How are People Born in Shravana Nakshatra and What are their Positive and Negative Traits?

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Shravana Nakshatra is the 22nd Nakshatra out of all 27 Nakshatras in the solar system. The Lord of this Nakshatra is the moon and the zodiac sign of the people born in this nakshatra is Capricorn, whose Lord is Saturn. Therefore, such people are affected by the Moon and the planet Saturn throughout their lives. The presiding deity of this Nakshatra is Lord Vishnu. The animal representing this Nakshatra is a female monkey.

Personality Traits of People Born in Shravana Nakshatra

People born in Shravana Nakshatra are very principled. Due to the influence of the planet Saturn, they are also frank and straightforward. They live a simple life but always love to explore new things. These people never sit idle for a long time. They keep doing something or the other and even read a lot in their free time. They are religious and have great faith in God. These people are kind and selfless and are always ready to help everyone. They are good advisors and have a good circle. Many times, they trust others very easily and become victims of deception and bear certain losses too. They are healthy, athletic and very attractive in appearance.

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Education and Career 

People born in Shravana Nakshatra are generally interested to seek education and degrees in more than one subject. 

Apart from arts, commerce, and science, these people can also get higher education in the field of spirituality and medicine. They may have to move away from their place of birth for getting better educational opportunities. These people have a stronghold in academics and generally back many awards in their school or college for various subjects. They may start their career by doing a job but eventually, they tend to get interested in business and switch their career. They struggle during the initial years of their career but by the age of 30, they reach a stable stage in their workspace. Some of the good career opportunities for people born in this Nakshatra include technician, engineer, teacher, trainer, preacher, researcher, storyteller, work related to music and films, news reader, consultant, psychotherapist, travel agent, work related to tourism, hotel or restaurant staff, work related to social service etc. 

Marital and Family life of people born in Shravana Nakshatra

People born in Shravana Nakshatra are greatly attached to their families. They might have certain ideological differences with their parents but they respect each other’s opinions. These people are supposed to have a wonderful married life with their partner being very supportive and understanding. They are also lucky to be blessed with simple and happy-go-lucky children who are very less demanding and respect their parents a lot.

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People born in Shravana Nakshatra are influenced by Saturn and Moon. When these planets shower their blessings on these people, they go through a golden phase in life with good health and great financial stability. These people understand the value of life and make sure to enjoy it to the fullest. They are not that luxurious and aren’t very interested in expensive things but they find happiness in small things in life. They have a habit of collecting small, valuable but not so expensive items and that gives them a lot of pleasure.

Negative Traits of people born in Shravana Nakshatra

If the position of Saturn and Moon are not right in the horoscope of the people born in Shravana Nakshatra, then these people can become angry, miserly, lazy, fearful and suspicious in nature. They don’t feel stable in life because of their changing moods. They might also get addicted to drugs or alcohol due to stress.

Precautionary Measures to be Taken by People Born in Shravana Nakshatra

People born in Shravana Nakshatra should worship Lord Hanuman on a daily basis. They should also get rid of the malefic effects of the planet Saturn in their horoscope by conducting a Shani Shanti Puja. They should also worship Shani Dev and offer an oil lamp to him every Saturday. These people should also plant trees regularly since it’s considered auspicious for people born in this Nakshatra. 

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