Are You Born on Friday? Know About Your Special Qualities, Strengths and Weaknesses

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The day of our birth is considered very important in astrology. According to astrology, every day is associated with a planet and these planets have a profound effect on the personality and lifestyle of the people born in those days. For example, people born on Friday are affected by the planet Venus. Among the nine planets, Venus is considered to be the most beautiful planet and is a symbol of beauty, love and romance. Along with this, this planet also represents enjoyment and luxury. So, a person born on Friday will have a deep interest in love and will be very romantic in nature. They will also desire to lead a luxurious life. They would love to make careers in fields of fashion, entertainment, music, etc.

Know everything about the personality, career and love life of people born on Friday 

Personality of People Born on Friday

People born on Friday are very attractive. They are very graceful in appearance. They are witty, cheerful and always well groomed. These people are also very creative. They are fond of dancing, singing, travelling, eating and drinking and spend a lot of money. Many times they face financial issues due to their luxurious lifestyle. Just like people born on Thursday, are somewhat religious, people born on Friday are very fashionable.

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People born on Friday can progress well in the field of arts and entertainment. They can become successful in work related to film, dance, music, writing, fashion, jewellery, information technology, interior design, etc. They always desire to earn a lot of name and fame. Such people are very positive regarding their work and put in extra effort to get the work done perfectly. They speak really well and people get attracted to their words, too. They have a smooth career due to the blessings of the deity Shukra.  People born on Friday become successful in earning name and fame careerwise.

Love Life of People Born on Friday 

If we consider the relationships of people born on Friday, then they are really good at maintaining social relationships. They have a good bunch of friends and are very connected to their family too. The love life of such people is quite interesting since they have the blessings of the planet Venus which is often referred to as the Lord of love. These people are very romantic in nature and keep their partners very happy. Sometimes, they go through failed relationships and suffer a lot due to that. These people are very emotional and put a lot of effort into keeping their partners happy and content. However, many of them are also prone to having extra affairs if they face any issues in their existing relationship. 

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People born on Friday are physically very fit and healthy. But internally, they are a little fragile. They are allergic to dust, pollution and sunlight. They often face stomach-related issues like acidity since they love to eat junk food. Apart from this, such people can also suffer from problems related to fertility.

Auspicious Remedies for People Born on Fridays

  • The planet Venus is very bright and white in colour. Therefore, people born on Fridays should wear white or bright clothes while going for any auspicious work. 
  • They should also wear aromatic perfumes since they’re lucky. 
  • These people shouldn’t indulge much in materialistic pleasures. They should try to control their expenses. 
  • They should worship Goddess Lakshmi and Maa Durga on Fridays. 
  • Shukra Dev was a disciple of Lord Shiva, so performing Jalabhishek of Lord Shiva on Friday is considered very auspicious for people born on Fridays. 
  • These people should also feed poor girls and donate money and clothes to the poor and needy on Fridays.

Performing Rudrabhishek puja is also beneficial for individuals born on Friday.

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