Do you belong to the Taurus Zodiac?, Know everything about your specialty, weakness and lucky color

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Taurus is considered as the second zodiac sign in the zodiac chakra. According to Indian astrology, zodiac signs are determined by the Moon. The zodiac to which the Moon belongs at the time of birth of a person is considered to be the zodiac sign of that person. This means that, if the Moon is in the Taurus Zodiac in your horoscope, then your zodaic sign will also be Taurus. According to western astrology, the zodiac sign is determined by the position of the sun. As per the western astrologers, if your birth is in between 20th April to 20th May, then your zodiac sign is Taurus. The Taurus zodiac is considered to be the zodiac sign of all the Earth elements and the ruling planet of Taurus is Venus. Its symbol is a bull.

Taurus is the zodiac of Earth elements

People of the zodiac sign Taurus are grounded and more stable in nature as compared to other zodiac signs. This is because of the Earth elements. This quality adds a lot of value in improving the life of these people. Such people like to take charge and have power and they work hard to earn it. They never stop until they achieve their goal. However, they also intelligently refrain from taking unnecessary risks. 

What are the characteristics of the people with the Zodiac sign Taurus?

Talking about the characteristic features of the people of zodiac sign Taurus, these people have many positive as well as negative qualities. In the negatives, they are borderline greedy, materialistic and obstinate. However, if we talk about some good traits, they are strong willed, steadfast in everything they do, have intellectual values, are very balanced ​​and possess great self control.

Overall personality of people with zodiac sign Taurus 

People having the zodiac sign Taraus are very patient and hardworking. They are honest, trustworthy and reliable. Career wise, they can be successful in the field of banking, education, agriculture and medicine. Such people are very determined and have the special quality of working very hard to achieve success. They are grounded and practical. They avoid unnecessary fights and arguments. Such people look forward to achieving their goals and do not get distracted even in adverse situations. In their love life, they are very romantic in nature and are very loyal and dedicated to their partner. Another special thing about people of Taurus sun sign is that they make friends very easily and communicate very well with people.

What is the weakness of people with Taurus Zodiac?

People of the zodiac sign Taurus are very patient but they can be very stubborn at times. Sometimes, they appear arrogant and rude to some people due to their stubborness. They get deeply affected by negative things around them. When they become angry, it becomes very difficult to handle them.

Ruling planet of Taurus Zodiac

Venus is considered to be the ruling planet of Taurus. Venus is also believed to be the Guru of the demons. Offering milk to the Shivling on Friday brings the blessings of the planet Venus along with Lord Shiva. In astrology, Venus is considered to be the auspicious factor behind love and marriage. The desire for love and romance arises due to the influence of Venus. The people with the sun sign Taurus are very beautiful and attractive due to the influence of the planet Venus. These people have a dedication towards their relationships only because of the influence of their ruling planet Venus.

Taurus Zodiac Career

Talking about the qualities of the people of Taurus, they are very stubborn and aggressive. These people are intelligent and they like wealth and luxury in life. They often like to make a career in fashion, art, music etc. They like to be in a space where there is no interference in their creativity. 

Taurus Zodiac Compatibility, Lucky Colors and Gemstones

  • Enemity with: Gemini and Sagittarius
  • Friendship with: Aquarius and Libra
  • Taurus Friendly Color – White
  • Favorable gemstone – Diamond
  • Favorable Metal for Taurus – Silver
  • Lucky Day – Friday 

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