Worship Mata Mahagauri on Eighth day of Navratri for Positivity in Life

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Mata Mahagauri is worshipped on the eighth day of Navratri. Goddess Mahagauri got this name because of her fair complexion. By the grace of Mata Mahagauri, all wishes of a devotee are accomplished. She is also worshipped as the mother of Lord Ganesha. Maa Mahagauri is a symbol of utmost auspiciousness. She symbolizes joy, light and energy in life. On the eighth day of the nine-day Navratri festival, Maa Mahagauri is invoked to bless the devotees to make their lives successful and filled with positive energy.

Let’s know who is Mata Mahagauri, what is her story and how to worship for her blessings.

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When is Mata Mahagauri Worshipped?

Mata Mahagauriis usually worshipped on the eighth day of Chaitra Navratri 2023 which falls on Wednesday, March 29, 2023. 

Let’s know more about the form of Mata Mahagauri.

Form of Mata Mahagauri

Mata Mahagauri is an incarnation of Maa Parvati. Her complexion is very bright. It is said that due to the fair complexion of the goddess, she was named Mahagauri. Maha means many and Gauri means bright, that is, the one who is extremely bright. By the grace of Maa Mahagauri, the character of an individual also becomes very good and bright. Mata has four hands one of them is ‘Var Mudra’, and another is an ‘Abhay Mudra.’ She holds a Damru in her third hand, and a Trishul in her fourth hand. Mata Mahagauri is extremely calm and serious, and worshipping her brings peace of mind to the devotees. Let’s know the story of Maa Mahagauri’s origin before worshipping her.

Story of the Origin of Mata Mahagauri 

It is believed that, when Maa Sati took a second birth as Maa Parvati after self-sacrifice, Maa Parvati did severe penance to get Lord Shiva as her husband. When Shiva did not appear even after a lot of penance, Maa Parvati started worshipping Shiva by giving up on her food and water. Therefore, Maa Parvati’s body became very dark and weak. It is believed that Kaushiki Devi was born from this black form. When Lord Shiva came to know about Maa Parvati’s severe penance,  he gave a boon to Maa Parvati to fulfil her wish. During this time Parvati’s body was very weak and black. So Lord Shiva bathed Parvati with Gangajal. After this, the impurities were removed from her body and she became very bright. This form of Goddess Parvati is called Mahagauri. Now, let’s know the worship method of Mahagauri.

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Worship Method of Mahagauri on the Eighth Day of Navratri

  • Devotees should get up early in the morning, have a bath and wear fresh clothes. 
  • Then the idol or the picture of Maa Mahagauri is bathed and kept at the puja place, after cleaning the puja space.
  • On the eighth day of Navratri, before worshipping Mata Mahagauri, the Kalash, Ganesh, Gauri and Navagraha should be worshipped at home.
  • After this, Mata Mahagauri is invoked by offering fruits, flowers, incense sticks, lamp and naivedya.
  • Special recitation of mantras of Maa Durga Saptashati should be performed in front of Mahagauri.
  • Any mantra of Maa Mahagauri must be recited 108 times.
  • On the day of Ashtami, small girls must be fed delicious food (including puri and kheer) to please Mata Mahagauri 
  • Mata Mahagauri likes Kheer and Halwa a lot. The devotees should definitely offer these delicacies as Bhog to Maa Mahagauri. 
  • Devotees also keep fasting for nine days to receive blessings from all Goddesses that worshipped for nine days.

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Chant the Mahagauri Mantra for success in worship

|| Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu Maa Gauri Rupena Sanstha ||

|| Namasthasai Namasthasai Namasthasai Namo Namah ||

Apart from this, it is good to recite Siddha Kunjika Stotra, Mahagauri Stotra or Kavach to please and invoke Mata Mahagauri.

Benefits of Mahagauri Puja on the Eighth Day of Navratri

According to astrology, any defects related to the planet Venus can be eliminated by worshipping Mata Mahagauri. Even for any marriage-related problem, Mahagauri should be worshipped to resolve the problems. It is believed that Mata Sita also worshipped Mahagauri to get Rama as her husband. One must worship Mata Mahagauri on the eighth day of Navratri for happiness, economic progress, success and good fortune in life.

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