When is Mangla Gauri Vrat 2023? Know Date, Significance, Fasting Method and Story

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Sawan/Shravan is the favourite month of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva, also known as Rudra, is worshipped throughout this month and the devotees observe fast too. Mangla Gauri Vrat 2023 is considered to be a very important fast for women during the month of Sawan. It is believed that Mata Gauri i.e. Mata Parvati observed all kinds of fasts to get Lord Shiva as her husband. Among them, Mangla Gauri Vrat observed in the month of Shravan is considered very significant and auspicious. This fast is observed by married women for the protection, long life and happiness of their husbands, while unmarried girls observe it to get a good husband.

Do you know when is Mangla Gauri Vrat 2023? What is its worship method? Let’s get to know more in detail. 

When is Mangla Gauri Vrat 2023?

Mangla Gauri Vrat is observed on every Tuesday of Sawan, the favourite month of Lord Shiva. This year the month of Sawan will start on Tuesday, July 4, 2023. The dates of Mangala Gauri Vrat in the year 2023 will be as follows:

  • First Mangla Gauri Vrat: July 4,2023, Tuesday
  • Second Mangla Gauri Vrat: July 11, 2023, Tuesday
  • Shravan Aadhik Maas Starts: July 18, 2023, Tuesday – First Shravan Mangla Gauri Vrat Leaped
  • Shravan Aadhik Maas: July 25, 2023, Tuesday – Second Shravan Mangla Gauri Vrat Leaped
  • Shravan Aadhik Maas: August 01, 2023, Tuesday – Third Shravan Mangla Gauri Vrat Leaped
  • Shravan Aadhik Maas: August 08, 2023, Tuesday – Fourth Shravan Mangla Gauri Vrat Leaped
  • Shravan Aadhik Maas: August 15, 2023, Tuesday – Fifth Shravan Mangla Gauri Vrat Leaped
  • Shravana Adhika Maas Ends: August 16, 2023, Wednesday
  • Third Mangla Gauri Vrat: August 22, 2023, Tuesday
  • Fourth Mangla Gauri Vrat: August 29, 3, Tuesday
  • Shravan Ends: August 31, 2023, Thursday

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Mangla Gauri Vrat Worship Material

Before starting the Mangla Gauri Vrat, one should take a vow to observe Mangala Gauri Vrat for the whole month by worshipping Lord Shiva with a pure heart on Sawan Tuesday. Before fasting, fruits, flowers, betel nuts, betel leaf, mehndi, sixteen shringar items, cereals, etc. should be kept. It is said that everything in the worship material should be of number 16.

Mangla Gauri Vrat 2023 Vrat Vidhi

On the fasting day, the devotees should wake up early in the morning, take a bath and wear clean clothes, if possible red clothes. Then the idols or pictures of Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha and Mata Gauri should be established after cleaning the puja place. Women should then take a vow in front of the Lord to observe the fast with full devotion for the protection and long life of their husbands. As a part of the puja rituals, women should make 9 heaps of rice on a red cloth spread on a clean plate. It is a symbol of Navagraha. After this, make 16 heaps of wheat. This is the symbol of Matruka. Then the Kalash is placed on the other side.

First of all Lord Ganesha is worshipped. Then he is offered Bhog in the form of fruits and naivedya. After this, the Navagrahas should be worshipped. After this, the 16 Matrukas made in the form of heaps of wheat should be worshipped. Then the idol or picture of Mata Gauri and Lord Shiva are dipped in a mixture of Gangajal, milk and curd. Maa is offered with kumkum, turmeric, vermilion and henna and Lord Shiva is offered with Bhog. After the worship, women should listen to the story of Mangla Gauri Vrat 2023. After the last fast, women should immerse the picture or idol of Mata Gauri in a river or pond. It is said that this fast should be observed continuously for 5 years.

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Mangla Gauri Vrat Katha

Once upon a time, there lived a merchant named Dharmapala. He and his wife were extremely religious. They got blessed with a son by performing a number of rituals and fasts. From a very young age, their son’s death was predicted by the astrologers, which was supposed to happen in his 16th year due to the snake bite. After some years, Dharampal and his wife forgot everything about the prediction and got their son married. The girl, to whom their son got married, used to observe the Mangla Gauri Vrat and due to the effect of the fast, the fear of her husband’s death was eliminated, and he got longevity and they led a happy married life. Similarly, Karwa Chauth is also another such festival observed by married women for the happiness and long life of their husbands.

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Mangla Gauri Vrat Udyapan Method

It is believed that after observing this fast on Tuesday during Sawan/Shravan month, Udyapan should be done. The devotees are forbidden to eat anything on the day of Udyapan. The Udyapan Puja should be done by a special Panditji only. Mata Parvati/Mangala Gauri should be established at a podium in the puja place on the day of Udyapan. Suhag Samagri should also be kept near the puja place for worship. The Mangla Gauri Vrat Katha should be read or heard and then the devotees should take the blessings of the elders after breaking the fast. Observe Mangla Gauri Vrat 2023 and follow the puja method described above to get the blessings of the Lord and for the fulfilment of all wishes.

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