Parivartini/Parsva Sawan Ekadashi 2023 Fasting Story, Significance, Benefits and Worship Method

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Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha (Waxing Moon Period) of Bhadrapada month is called Padma Ekadashi or Parivartini Ekadashi.  It is also known as Parsva Ekadashi. According to mythological belief, on this day Lord Vishnu, who was sleeping in the Yoga Nidra of Chaturmas, took his first turn while sleeping. The word Parivartan means Change. Lord Vishnu changed his sleeping posture on this day, hence the name Parvartini Ekadashi 2023 is symbolic of this event. Devotees observe strict fasts on this day and worship the Vamana avatar of Lord Vishnu. It is also believed that observing a fast on this day also pleases Goddess Lakshmi and there is no shortage of food and wealth in the house.

When is Parivartini Ekadashi 2023?

This year, Parivartini Ekadashi falls on Monday, September 25, 2023.

  • Ekadashi Tithi Starts: 07:55 a.m on Sep 25, 2023
  • Ekadashi Tithi Ends: 05:00 a.m on Sep 26, 2023
  • Parivartini Ekadashi Parana Muhurta: Between 01:25 p.m to 03:49 p.m.  September 26, 2023.

Worship Method (Puja Vidhi) of Parivartini Ekadashi Vrat

  • On the day of Parivartini Ekadashi, take a bath early in the morning,  wear fresh yellow clothes and offer water to the Sun God.
  • Then clean the puja place and install the idols of Lord Vishnu and Lord Ganesh.
  • Offer yellow flowers, Panchamrit and Tulsi to Lord Vishnu and Modak and Durva to Lord Ganesha.
  • First, worship Lord Ganesha and Lord Vishnu and then chant mantras related to them.
  • Distribute the Prasad among the devotees.
  • Donate food, clothes, shoes, umbrellas, etc. to the poor and needy.
  • Devotees observing this fast should consume fruits and water only.

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Fasting Story Parivartini Ekadashi 2023

The fasting story of Parivartini Ekadashi was narrated by Lord Krishna to Arjuna. According to the legend, a demon named King Bali used to rule in the Treta Yuga. Despite being a demon, he was very charitable and truthful and served the people of the kingdom with great dedication. Due to the impact of his devotion and good governance, King Bali also started ruling in heaven by replacing Devraj Indra. Devraj Indra and all the other gods got scared of King Bali. Therefore, all the deities prayed to Lord Vishnu for protection against him. Lord Vishnu took the Vamana avatar in order to protect the Gods and went to King Bali. There he requested King Bali to donate three steps of land to him. 

King Bali accepted this request of Vamana. As soon as King Bali accepted his request, the Vamana avatar of Shri Vishnu assumed the form of a giant and measured the three worlds in two steps. When there was no vacancy for the third step, King Bali bowed his head with folded hands in front of Vamana and asked to keep the third step on his head. Lord Vishnu was very pleased with the kindness and devotion of King Bali and therefore made King Bali the Lord of Hell. Since then the fast of Parivartini Ekadashi is observed by the devotees. On this Ekadashi, a sleeping idol of Lord Vishnu is always kept with King Bali in Hell. This day is also called Vamana Jayanti in many places.

Benefits of Parivartini Ekadashi 

  • The devotees who observe a fast on Parivartini Ekadashi get the results of the Vajapeya Yagya.
  • By observing this fast, one gets freedom from all sins and attains salvation after death.
  • By donating to the poor and needy on this fast, the grace and blessings of Lord Vishnu are achieved. 
  • Worshipping Goddess Lakshmi on Parivartini Ekadashi is also very auspicious and fruitful. Devotees who do so don’t ever face any kind of shortage of food in their house.


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