Are You Born on Saturday? Know More About Your Personality and Behavior

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The day of our birth has great significance in astrology. According to astrology, every day is associated with a planet and these planets have a profound impact on the personality and lifestyle of the people. For example, people born on Saturday are affected by the mighty planet Saturn. In astrology, Shani or Saturn is considered to be a planet with a lot of malefic defects but at the same time, Shani Dev is also referred to as the God of Justice. It’s a powerful planet and has deep effects on people born on Saturdays.

This is the only planet that is worshipped in temples as Shani Dev with full rituals. Saturn signifies difficulty, stability, longevity and justice. People who are born on Saturday are always blessed by Shani Dev. However, these people face difficulties sometimes. What’s important for such people at that time is having patience. The grace of Lord Shani is considered to be very important and special among all the Navagrahas.

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Personality of People Born on Saturday

People born on Saturday are very talented but are introverts in nature. They have great determination and hold a firm and disciplined approach to life. They are generally very calm and hardly get angry, but when they do, it becomes difficult to handle them. Since the planet Shani is referred to as the Lord of justice, people born on Saturdays like to serve the poor and needy people. They are very hardworking but get success late, so they need to be very patient in life. These people are nature lovers and love to travel. They are very practical, logical and straightforward. 

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Career of People Born on Saturday

People born on Saturday get the special blessings of Shani Dev, due to which they have a special skill set of proficiency and expertise in their work. People born on Saturday excel in areas such as science, technology, agriculture, geography, archaeology, law, IT and forest department. Due to the special grace of Shani Dev, they earn a good name,  fame and money in life. They may go through difficult times but they have to constantly strive to achieve success. These people are very responsible. They always work hard but don’t desire to take credits as such. They just get happy if the work is done properly.

Love Life of People Born on Saturday

People born on Saturday are calm and tolerant and have good social relations. They are very loyal and dedicated to their partners. They are not deceitful and rarely have any extra affairs. These people are shy in nature and have huge heart. They often forgive their partners easily after a fight. However, when they get very angry, it becomes difficult to calm them. These people are possessive in nature but they should learn to give personal space to their partner at times.

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Health of People Born on Saturday

People born on Saturday are physically lean and fit, in general. However, they may suffer from issues such as hair loss, weak vision, and stomach and bone-related issues.

Remedy and Advice for People Born on Saturday

People born on Saturday should worship Shani Dev and visit Shani Temple every Saturday. Worshipping Goddess Mahalakshmi is very fruitful for such people. They should try to keep big mirrors in their house since it’s very auspicious. People born on Saturdays should also worship Lord Shiva to get rid of their sufferings.

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