Lord Kuber Yagya/Puja – Significance, Puja Vidhi and Benefits

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Lord Kubera (Kuber, Kuver) is associated with wealth and treasure. He is the semi-god who is also known as the Treasurer of the Gods and Goddesses. The most interesting thing is that he is known as the Lord of Wealth and Riches. Moreover, he secured this position due to the blessings of Lord Shiva. He is also regarded as a divine devotee and friend of Lord Shiva and therefore according to many mythological stories and folk tales, Kubera has a special status of being a member of Lord Shiva’s family. 

Also, Kuber Yagya has special significance on Special Occasions. As Lord Kubera is a supreme devotee of Lord Shiva, Kubera gives the immediate result to Devotees who worship Lord Kubera along with Lord Shiva. Performing Kuber Yagna bestows you with divine results. Worshipping Shri Kubera blesses devotees with Generosity, Peace, and Fulfilment of their Desires. He blesses his Devotees with an Abundance of Wealth and Treasure so that such individuals never have to face Financial Problems. Worshipping Kubera along with Lord Shiva helps to fulfil all kinds of Desires and Expectations.

Lord Kuber Yagya or Puja 2023

Lord Kuber Yagya or Puja is performed on all auspicious days, festivals and special occasions to please Lord Kubere and seek his blessings. However, the most important days on which Lord Kuber Yagya along with Lord Shiva Abhishek should be performed are Akshaya Tritiya, Deepawali/ Diwali, Ekadashis and Purnimas. Lord Kuber Yagya on these days is highly beneficial and fruitful.

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Significance of Kuber Puja 

Lord Kuber Yagya is a Hindu ritual performed to please Lord Kuber, who is believed to be the treasurer of the gods and the guardian of wealth and prosperity. This yagya is performed to seek his blessings and to gain financial stability, abundance, and material success.

Lord Kuber is said to have the power to bless his devotees with wealth, good fortune, and material prosperity. By performing the Kuber Yagya, devotees seek his blessings to overcome financial difficulties, attain success in business ventures, and improve their financial status.

During the yagya, sacred rituals are performed by reciting mantras and offering various offerings such as flowers, fruits, and sweets to Lord Kuber. The chanting of the mantras and the offerings made to Lord Kuber is believed to generate positive energy that attracts wealth and prosperity.

The significance of Lord Kuber Yagya is to seek the blessings of Lord Kuber and to attain financial stability and prosperity in one’s life. It is believed that performing this yagya with devotion and faith can bring positive changes in one’s financial situation and improve the overall quality of life.

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Puja Vidhi of Lord Kuber Yagya

Lord Kuber holds greater significance to bless Devotees with fortune and success. Especially, participating in Lord Kuber Yagya on auspicious days and special occasions is highly beneficial and rewarding. So, let’s find the religious rituals, that is, Puja Vidhi to be performed during Puja.

The puja vidhi or the ritual procedure of Lord Kuber Yagya may vary according to different traditions and practices. However, here is a general outline of the puja vidhi:

  • Setting up the altar: The first step in performing the puja is to set up the altar or the mandap. Place a clean cloth or mat on the floor and arrange the idols or pictures of Lord Kuber, Goddess Lakshmi, and Lord Ganesha on it. Light a diya or a lamp and keep some flowers, fruits, and sweets as offerings.
  • Invocation of deities: Invite Lord Kuber and other deities to bless the yagya and seek their permission to proceed with the ritual.
  • Sankalpa: Take a sankalpa or a vow to perform the yagya with devotion and dedication.
  • Chanting of mantras: Chanting of mantras is an essential part of the yagya. Recite the Kuber Mantra or any other mantras dedicated to Lord Kuber.
  • Offerings: Offer various materials like flowers, fruits, sweets, and gold or silver coins to Lord Kuber as a part of the puja.
  • Vastra and Bhog: Vastra and Bhog is also offered to Lord Shiva – Lord of Navagrahas during this Puja to remove the malefic effects of 9 planets and attract wealth and fortune. 
  • Havan or Yagya: Perform a havan or yagya using ghee, rice, and various other sacred materials to invoke the blessings of Lord Kuber.
  • Aarti: Finally, conclude the puja by performing the aarti and offering camphor or light to Lord Kuber.
  • It is recommended to perform the yagya under the guidance of an experienced priest or a spiritual guru.

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Benefits of Participating in Kuber Maha Yagya

By participating in Kuber Maha Yagya, Devotees receive blessings of both Lord Kuber and Lord Shiva – Dev Ke Dev. You will not only gain success in your job and business but also get relief from all your financial struggles. So, let’s see some more benefits of participating in Kuber Maha Yaga on auspicious days such as Mohini Ekadashi

Success in Job and Business

If for a long time, there is no growth in Career or Business, then Kubera Yagya is especially fruitful and effective. This Yagya opens new pathways for Economic Progress and Success in Life.

Relief from Financial Struggles

Problems such as Consistent Losses, Heavy Expenditure and Indebtedness which occur frequently, can easily be resolved by participating in Kubera Yagya.

Happiness, Prosperity, and Opulence

Lord Kubera is the Lord of Wealth. He is also the Supreme Devotee and Friend of Lord Shiva. By participating in Kubera Yagya and Lord Shiva Abhishek, you are immediately blessed with Happiness, Peace of Mind, Prosperity, and Opulence.

Good Health

Lord Kubera is the Treasurer of the Gods and Goddesses. Lord Shiva Abhishek with Kubera Yagya opens new avenues of Income, controls unnecessary money expenses and brings Health Benefits.

In How Many Days Will You Get the Results of Kuber Yagya?

Kuber Yagya performed on any Ekadashi is Divine and Miraculous. On the day of Yagya, you should chant || Shri Kuberaya Namah || and || Om Namah Shivaya || Mantras. This Yagna fills you and your surroundings with Positive Energy. As a result of Shri Kuber Yagya, your confidence will increase, due to which you will be able to complete your tasks efficiently and with determination. On the day of Shri Kuber Yagya, it is beneficial to donate money, rice or food to the needy or less privileged so that all your wishes can be fulfilled soon.

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