Lord Shiva Puja According to Zodiac Sign

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Lord Shiva Puja is an essential ritual in Hinduism, and it holds significant importance. Especially on Mahashivratri, its importance increases. Let’s find out why Lord Shiva’s puja is important.

Here are some of the reasons why Lord Shiva Puja is important:

  1. Seeking blessings: Lord Shiva is considered the god of destruction and transformation. By performing his Puja, devotees seek his blessings for the removal of obstacles, and negativity, and seek spiritual growth.
  2. Purifying the mind and soul: Lord Shiva is also known as the destroyer of ignorance, and performing his Puja helps in purifying the mind and soul.
  3. Protection: Lord Shiva is believed to protect his devotees from evil and negative energies.
  4. Fulfilling desires: Lord Shiva is also known as the god of wishes, and performing his Puja can help in fulfilling the devotees’ desires and aspirations.
  5. Strengthening family bonds: Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are considered the ideal couple in Hinduism, and performing their Puja can help in strengthening family bonds and relationships.
  6. Achieving Moksha: Lord Shiva is considered the ultimate god who grants Moksha or liberation from the cycle of birth and death. Performing his Puja with devotion can help in attaining Moksha.

In essence, Lord Shiva Puja is an essential ritual in Hinduism, and it is believed to bring spiritual growth, prosperity, and protection to the devotees. Moreover, when performed according to your zodiac sign, it brings in more results.

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Hence, to enhance the result of Lord Shiva puja, perform it according to your Zodiac sign.


On MahaShivratri, natives of Aries should worship Lord Shiva according to all rituals mentioned to perform Lord Shiva puja on Mahashivratri. Moreover, for Aries, offering Gangajal and cow milk to Lord Shiva will be fruitful in their career. As Mars (Mangal) is the presiding planet of the Aries zodiac, Lord Shiva gives special blessings to these individuals. Also, Mars is a part of Lord Shiva. Therefore, you should make sweet offerings like honey, sugar and sweet rice pudding to please Lord Shiva faster. 


Ruled by Shukra Dev, the natives of Taurus should perform Lord Shiva Abhishek with curd and milk to remove struggles in life. Performing Abhishek and Puja with curd helps to resolve issues related to money. Adding other milk products like ghee also helps to please Lord Shiva. 


The Lord of Gemini is Budh Dev and is ruled by Mercury (Budh), this zodiac sign native should offer Bel Patra and red-coloured flowers to Lord Shiva. This helps to do wonders for your life.  You should perform Abhishek with honey and for quicker results, offer green grass to cows. 


Moon, the ruling planet of cancer. Cancerians should offer milk to Lord Shiva in order to get his blessings as it is very dear to him. 


Ruled by Sun. To please Lord Shiva in the month of Sawan you should offer honey and jaggery to him. 


Ruled by Mercury. Virgo should bathe (do Abhishek) Lord Shiva to get rid of all obstacles in life. 

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Libra should bathe (do Abhishek) Lord Shiva with milk, curd, honey, Desi ghee and offer sugar cane juice to receive the highest blessings. 


Mars is also the presiding planet of the Zodiac Scorpio. Therefore, they can receive special blessings from Lord Shiva on this Shivratri by participating in Shiva puja. On MahaShivaratri, Scorpions should perform Abhishek of Lord Shiva at Shiva temples to gain success in job and business. Moreover, performing Abhishek at one of the Jyotirlingas is also equally beneficial. Scorpio being The soldier should offer Red flowers to Lord Shiva and they will receive the blessings in full swing.


Guru has been the deity of Sagittarius. They should primarily offer desi ghee to Lord Shiva along with sandalwood powder and yellow-coloured clothes and flowers. 


The lord of the Capricorn zodiac sign is Shani Dev (Saturn). Furthermore, Shani Devta is also one of the ardent and favourite devotees of Lord Shiva. Hence, natives of Capricorn receive special blessings from both Shani Dev and Lord Mahadev by performing puja on Mahashivratri. Capricornians should use Belpatra (leaves of Stone apple), Gangajal, cow milk, etc. for worshipping Lord Shiva and receiving his blessings to overcome fear and gain mettle. 


Shani Dev is also the lord of the zodiac sign Aquarius. People of this zodiac sign too, receive special blessings from Lord Shiva and Shani Dev. On Mahashivratri, natives of Aquarius should worship Lord Shiva and should also fast. Visit any nearby Shiva temple and offer Bhog to Lord Shiva, which consists of any fruits. With the grace of Lord Mahadev, you will be blessed with success in the professional front and an increase in wealth as well as income.


For Pisces natives, whose Lord is Brahaspati (Guru), the best way to please and worship Lord Shiva is by offering almonds, Bel Patra and yellow flowers. Also,  

By worshipping Lord Shiva, especially on MahaShivratri, Devotees are blessed with long life, opulence, prosperity and wealth. Participating in Lord Shiva puja brings good luck, removes all sorts of problems and struggles and a prosperous life for the entire family. Wishing a very happy MahaShivaratri to all of Mahadev’s Devotees. May he bestow all his blessings on the world this Shivratri. 

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